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Industry Internship in Industrial IOT and Information Security:



There is an increase in demand for the software engineers and companies are looking to hire the best candidates in the market. Being professionally qualified and skilled in a technology provide a candidate with better chances to land on their dream jobs.


Industrial Internet Of Things is the next big thing in all Industry domain irrespective of trades. As It allows the enterprises around the globe to maximize their return by expanding the use of technology . It enables businesses to leverage their operation by switching all of their task and building up an ecosystem of connected physical devices to share and exchange information online.


IOT consist of various modules that provide knowledge and learning on various essential components of IOT like Overview of IOT , Sensors and Sensors Network , Production and Cost Projection, Machine learning for intelligent IOT , Analytical Engine for IOT, IAAS/SAAS/PAAS/ Service Model, Data and Platform Implementation , Big Data for IOT and many more concepts. Also students get to work on the latest Live projects under the guidance of our industrial experts which help them to grab better understanding of technology.


The training provides a career edge to the students and working professional who looking for great career growth. As the competition in the industry its extensive it becomes essential for the aspirants to upgrade themselves regularly as per the changing needs of the industry.























Introduction Industrial Internet of Things:


  • Embedded Systems, IoT and IIoT.

  • Architecture and Differences and from IoT Systems

  • Applications, design principles, standards, System Plan

  • Interoperability, Identification, localization, Communication, Software Defined Assets

  • Understanding IT & OT Convergence: Evolution of IIoT.

Microcontrollers: Backbone of IIoT Sytems


  • Microchip PIC Family, AVR Family and Espressif Family Microcontrollers for IIoT Implementation
  • MPLABX IDE, ATMELSTUDIO and ARDUINO IDEs for Application Development
  • Internal Peripherals: PORTs, Timers, Interrupts, ADC, PWM.
  • Device Protocols: USART, I2C, SPI.
  • External Peripherals: LEDs, Switches, Relays, Sensors, Touch Sensors.

IIoT Protocols



  • Wifi, BLE, Zigbee, MiWi.
  • LORA Communication Network and LPWAN Architecture
  • Concept of Ethernet and EtherCAT Protocol Working.
  • MQTT Protocol, HTTP Protocol, REST API


Cloud Communication Architecture and Wireless Sensor Network for IIoT

  • Concept of EDGE Computing.

  •  Data Aggregation from Sensor Nodes

  •  Gateway Architecture for Cloud communication and Legacy Devices.

  • Design your own gateway for IIoT Communication

  • Microsoft AZURE / Google Core IoT Suite

  • Zero Touch Provisioning

  • Data Storage in Cloud and Analytics using Microsoft Power BI.  

Security in IIoT


  • Need of Security in IIoT Systems.
  • Common Attacks and Best Practises, Standards, Open Source Initiatives, Surface Identification, Security Planning and Mitigation Plan.
  • Cryptography Solutions for Embedded Systems Security.
  • Application Layer Security
  •  Cloud to EDGE Device Security Implementation




  • Project Implementation on Real Industry Problem of IIoT.


Corporate Communication Skills

  • Effective Presentation Skills.
  • Corporate Communications among Colleague, management and clients
  • Project Communication Skills , Explore Entrepreneurial opportunities.


  • Certificate of Programme.
  • Internship certificate from Industry.
  • IOT Community support through virtual means.
  • Virtual Incubator hand holding support.



  • Live Instructor Led Training with unlimited access of Recorded Videos library.
  • 70% Practical Oriented Course.
  • Training on Live Hardware working Remotely for Practical Understanding.
  • Trainers and Training from Real Industry Environment
  • Frequent Industry Interaction, Access to Design House and Semiconductor companies Conferences and Technical events.
  • Selected participants get opportunity to work on Live Industry Projects as Intern.
  • PRAGYATMIKA Club Membership for 1 Year for Support, Guidance, Handholding and Mentorship.



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