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Li Ion Battery Pack Design, Modelling, Safety – 6 Weeks

May 17 @ 8:00 PM June 30 @ 10:00 PM IST


With the wide application of Li Ion Batteries from the E-Mobility space to portable handheld devices , the industry is gaining momentum and achieving new heights in terms of global sales and revenue generation.

The opportunities are endless batteries from design consultancy to actually taking  your step further for Pack Manufacturing.  
At the same time, there is a tremendous requirement for trained manpower and requirement of adequate techno-managerial knowledge before starting your entrepreneurship journey in the domain. 

Without a sound understanding of Characteristics and behaviors of Li Ion Cell , the design sustainability of your product and business will always be in question? 

A business driven with sound domain knowledge leads to your growth and always enables you to make informed decisions about your product and mitigate the risks associated with it. This becomes more important for such a type of product which can become life threatening some of the time for your customer and put your brand at risk. 


At PRAGYATMIKA, We strive to deliver the customized curriculums in the respective technology domains suitable for the different job roles for the candidates and lead to a quick growth of individuals. We give you enough information on understanding your cell behaviors , the safety and security related to it , the battery pack design calculation and modelling, the BMS topologies and selection for the battery pack and Battery thermal management system designs. 

  • Instructor Led LIVE Sessions
  • Hands On Experience on Hardware and Software
  • Battery Pack Assembly Hands ON. 
  • Mentoring Support Post Training
  • PRAGYATMIKA VIP Network Access for Industry Mentorship
  • EV Masterclass, Design House Interaction Sessions
  • LMS Access for Video Library, E-Notes, Research Papers, Code Snippet access
  • Bonus Sessions on BMS and BTMS. 
  • DIY Kits Available for POST Training Practices at your location
  • Global Contents and Delivery Mechanism
  • Weekday and Weekend Batch Timings suitable to Professionals and Office Goers. 
  1. Cell Parameter Measurements and Cell Sorting – Voltage, Internal Resistance and Capacity
  2. CELL Modelling – Electrical and Electrochemical Modelling
  3. Cell Capacity Estimations – DP Model
  4. Battery Pack Designs and Simulations for various types of applications
  5. Firmware Modelling of Cell
  6. SOC, SOH and Temperature Measurements 
  7. Series and Parallel Connections and Li Ion Cell SPOT Welding 
  8. Preparing a complete Battery Pack from Scratch with BMS and BTMS in Hardware

The Faculties of the program are  Industrial consultants having 15+ Yrs. of industry experience working on various EV and Li Ion Battery Technology projects.  


BATTERIES : A Source of Power Storage

  • Invention, Innovation and Selection of Battery Chemistry for your Application
  • Definitions of Battery Terms, SOC, SOH, DOD, Cycle Life
  • Various types of Batteries availability and How to make your choice right.
  • Market Trends, Future of Battery Technology. 
  • Why Lithium – A Comprehensive Analysis
  • Safety and Security in Li Ion Cell and Application
  • Role of Electronics for LIB Management

Li –Ion Cells :

  • Cell Manufacturing Step by Step and Quality checks
  • Cell form Factors and Packaging types ,Advantages and Disadvantages.
  • Li Ion Charging Profile
  • Li Ion Public Charging Standards
  • Li Ion Discharging Profile, Aging and Failure Modes
  • Self-discharge characteristics
  • Storage , Cell Cycle Life Factors

Li Ion Cell Sorting and Cell Testing:

  • The Cell Capacity , Internal Resistance of Cell
  • The Cell Sorting Process and Importance
  • The Selection of Right Cell for your Battery pack
  • How to Make Cell Compatible for Battery Pack
  • Li Ion Cell Life Estimation Modelling
  • Li Ion SOC Vs Voltage Estimations

Li Ion Battery Pack Electrical Design :

  • Use Case Modelling of Application requirement of Battery Pack
  • Calculations , Estimations and Capacities for Battery pack
  • Battery pack Simulation Modelling
  • Mathematical Modelling Battery Pack Design for EV
  • Mathematical Modelling Battery Pack Design for ESS
  • Mathematical Modelling Battery Pack Design for Solar
  • Mathematical Modelling Battery Pack Design for Drone/UAV
  • Battery Pack Electrical Design considerations
  • Calculation and Modelling for BUSBAR Design
  • AWG Calculation for Wires for Connections and BMS
  • Modelling for Battery Welding Joints and Connectors
  • Cell Welding Methods and Types
  • Usage and Application of different types of cell welding methods
  • Impact of Different Types of Cell welding on Li Ion Electrodes

Li Ion Battery Pack Mechanical Design :

  • Materials Required for Battery Pack Physical Design
  • Design and Material Selection for Battery Pack Casing
  • IP Ratings for Battery Pack
  • Calculations for Battery Pack Base Plate selection
  • Vibration Analysis in Li Ion Battery Pack.


  • Battery Thermal Systems : Requirement and Availability
  • Thermal Systems Use Cases and Modelling.
  • Materials and Methods of BTMS
  • Compatibilities for Various Chemistries for BTMS. 
  • Calculations for Thermal Method selection
  • Thermal Modelling for Battery Joints, Battery Electronics

Standards and Certifications for Li Ion Battery pack:

  • Safety Standards for Battery Pack
  • Functional Safety Standards
  • International Safety Standards
  • Regional/Country Specific Safety Standards
  • Provisions for Battery Transportation through AIR, Surface and Sea Transportations Means.


  • Cell Reuse
  • Battery Pack Reuse
  • Second Life Application
  • LI ION Mining from used Cells


  • Microelectronics in Li Ion Battery Pack
  • Navigational and Traceable Battery Pack
  • Communication Standards for Li Ion Battery pack
  • IoT and AI in Li Ion Battery Pack Design


  • Battery Pack Physical Design and Assembly
  • The Battery Pack Assembly Flow and Process
  • Tools and Machineries for Battery Assembly Plant
  • Calculating Effective Cost of Battery Pack
  • Govt. Financing Opportunities for Li Ion Battery Plants
  • Business Opportunities in Li Ion Battery Domain


  •  BMS – The Definition, Implementation and Classification
  •  BMS Architecture and Selection of BMS for Battery Pack
  • BMS for Traction Battery Pack
  • SOC and SOH Estimations with respect to BMS Functions
  • BMS Front End Semiconductor and BMS MASTER.
  • BMS Hardware Architecture
  • Cell Balancing by BMS
  • Static and Field Programmable BMS .

  • Cell Internal Resistance
  • Modelling Cell Life, Capacity, SOC, Voltage and Discharge
  • Cell Charging Profile Characterization
  • Modelling Electrical and Mechanical Properties
  • Battery Pack Assembly
  • Cell Spot Welding (KIT available for Purchase)
  • BMS Connection and Arrangement
  • The Program is delivered Online LIVE for 6 WEEKS Duration.
  • The Weekday Morning Sessions are MONDAY to THURSDAY at 09:00 AM IST (GMT+5.30 Hrs.)
  • The Weekday Evening Sessions are MONDAY to THURSDAY at 08:00 PM IST (GMT+5.30 Hrs.)
  • The Average duration of Session is 90-120 Minutes.

  • The Program is Designed for Entrepreneurs looking to step in the Li Ion Battery Domain.
  • Electric Vehicle Domain Professional / Entrepreneurs looking for Battery Information.
  • The Professionals / Entrepreneurs working in SOLAR or other Renewable Energy Domain.
  • Existing Battery Professionals / Entrepreneurs looking for upgrade in their knowledge.
  • The Professionals / Entrepreneurs working in Energy Storage / UPS / Inverter Domain.
  • B.E. / B.Tech. /Diploma Students Looking for career in Li Ion Battery Domain.
  • PRAGYATMIKA certificate is a highly recognized certificate in Li Ion Battery industry. 
  • Widely accepted in any EV industry / Solar Domain / Energy Storage or any similar industry
  • Our programs are approved and validated by the industry with a unique verification code
  • Networking and Idea sharing platform through PRAGYATMIKA VIP Network.
  • Opportunity to interact with industry experts and speakers

All the participating students will be given a “Certificate of Participation” and industry recognized “CERTIFICATION OF COMPLETION”  will be given on the basis of an assessment and Project Completion during the program.


PRAGYATMIKA holds the right to make the modification/change/cancel the program contents, program trainers, event dates or events anytime without prior notification or information. 


Rs. 25,000 + GST @18 %


USD 464 / EURO 405


Fee for Li Ion Battery Pack Design Modelling Safety

Payment Link (Pay in Your CURRENCY)
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Drop us an Email with helpdesk@pragyatmika.co.in with Payment Receipt and your Name, Email, Contact Details, Program Applied For registration. We will contact you back with the necessary details.



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  1. I am a power systems Engineer in Lima. The course has given me full knowledge on my Battery research project. Faculty of my program was very helpful and solved our each query in detail. I am sure with this knowledge , I will be able to handle well our company energy grid project.

  2. This course is a must for anyone interested in starting a lithium ion battery pack manufacturing business. I am very happy to attend this program and it was a complete worth of money program I attended.

  3. I am a faculty in an engineering college and the course has given me good of knowledge about li ion cell and batteries. The course was covered in depth and the best part is every day videos are made available after session for revision purpose.

  4. The best part of the sessions were all of the doubts were cleared in very detail. All the answers were having the background details along with how it can impact the battery life and quality. All the mishandlings and misconceptions related to battery were cleared.


    1. Thank you for your wonderful review. We do our best to deliver you the maximum of technical strength on subject matter. All the best for future endeavors.

  5. Teaching Technics become fantastic. We get so many technical knowledge regarding li ion batteries. handling question & answer at any point in session become very useful to understand subject.

  6. This is one of the best institutes that I have been part till date. I learnt many aspects of Li-ion battery pack design ranging from cell chemistry to building intelligent battery management systems.

    Our course instructor Amit sir made the concepts very simple and helped us understand every aspect of Li-ion battery design. The best part was practice questions and separate discussion sessions were organized for clarifying all the doubts and to discuss all the latest advancements in the field of electric vehicles.

    The theory sessions were backed up with live practical demonstrations which helped us understand the implementation aspects of building intelligent battery management systems. Overall I am highly satisfied and grateful to Amit sir and his team at Pragyatmika for organizing such a great course in spite of pandemic time. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is getting started in this field of EVs.

    1. Thank you for appreciations and recognitions. We are equally delighted to have you as on of the best learner registered utilize the knowledge gained in practical experimentations.

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