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“The Most In-demand Li Ion Battery Electronics Design Training Program for Professionals with #Globally Accredited Certification.”

With the wide application of Li Ion Batteries from the E-Mobility space to portable handheld devices , the industry is gaining momentum and achieving new heights in terms of global sales and revenue generation.

The growth opportunity in Li Ion Battery domain is tremendous. The annual Li Ion battery market in India is set to grow at CAGR of 37.5 % to reach 132 GWh in 2030 . The cumulative Li Ion Battery Market size is estimated to increase from 2.9 GWh in 2018 to reach about 800 GWh by 2030. The global Li Ion Battery Market is set to reach revenue of USD 100 Billion in next 5 Year.

As a battery electronics engineer , it becomes utmost important to understand the life cycle of batteries, their chemistries, characteristics, life estimations, safety concerns, battery electronics around it and many more. Thousands of companies are waiting for a right skilled professional who can handle the design to production process and ensure a safe and secure performing Li Ion Battery Pack.

Li Ion Battery for EV and Solar

Why Our Curriculum?

Specialized Industry Ready Curriculum:

With a team of decades of Industry experience and Global services Delivery practices we always keep updated with the latest of domain requirements and bring you also on the same platform through our continued delivery mechanism.

Unique Learning Experience:

With our specially crafted curriculum and Continued Support Mechanism We make your experience of learning completely unique. The program gives you a blend of Learning at your own Place , Learn at your own pace, LIVE Faculty Interactions, Remote & LIVE Hands ON facilities, Real world Hardware access and Expert Mentoring Support.

International Collaborations and Recognitions:

With our International collaborations for Industrial Training , Applied Project Developments , Mentoring , We prepare you with global standards and giving access to our global community of growth.

Key Highlights

  • Instructor Led LIVE Sessions
  • Hands On Experience on Hardware and Software
  • Electronics Systems Design Hands ON. 
  • Mentoring Support Post Training
  • PRAGYATMIKA VIP Network Access for Industry Mentorship
  • EV Masterclass, Design House Interaction Sessions
  • LMS Access for Video Library, E-Notes, Research Papers, Code Snippet access
  • LIVE Chat Support
  • Bonus Sessions on E-AI and Data Analytics for Battery Analytics. 
  • DIY Kits Available for POST Training Practices at your location
  • Global Contents and Delivery Mechanism
  • Convenient Batch Timings suitable to Professionals and Office Goers. 
  • Vendor Network Access to build your supply line.
  • Continuous Assessment and Global certification.
  • Rewards for Learning Performance

The Program is crafted for:

  • The Program is Designed for Entrepreneurs and Engineers looking to step in the Li Ion Battery Design.
  • Electric Vehicle Domain Professional / Entrepreneurs looking for In-depth Battery Electronics Information.
  • The Professionals working in SOLAR or other Renewable Energy Domain.
  • Existing Battery Professionals looking for upgrade in their knowledge and design their BMS.
  • The Professionals working in Energy Storage / UPS / Inverter Domain.
  • Battery Domain Research Professional looking to start a career in Li Ion Battery domain.
  • B.E. / B.Tech. /Diploma Students Looking for career in Li Ion Battery Electronics Domain.
Students Speak:

Course Structure

Introduction to Batteries:

The section covers from introduction of batteries to application, the terms in Battery Domain, A trend analysis, concerns in Battery Domain, Analysis on Li Ion Technology, Future Energy Trends, Global Scope and Opportunities.

Li Ion Cell Technology:

A In -depth discussion on Li Ion Chemistry, the manufacturing process, Cell Packaging, Life Cycle, Capacity Estimations , Charging and Discharging Profiles and factors of impact.

Li Ion Cell Selection and Testing :

How to select a Li Ion Chemistry for your application requirements with cell level testing and quality assurance parameters.

Li Ion Battery Pack Design Specifications:

Calculate the capacity of Battery Pack as per your application requirement with specifications of Electrical, Mechanical and Thermal Design considerations with cell pack arrangement.

Li Ion Battery Pack Modelling:

Software Modelling of estimation of Life, Charge and Discharge Characteristics, Thermal, Mechanical and Electrical properties and many more.

Standards and Certification for LIB Pack:

A detailed discussion on Local, Regional and International Safety standards for construction, transportation, storage, application of Li Ion Battery Pack with homologation approach.

Basic Battery Electronics:

Role of Electronics for Management and Maintenance of Li Ion Battery Pack with the knowledge on components, circuits, application , testing, battery modules connections and electronics application.

Embedded Systems for Batteries:

Introduction to Microcontroller, the firmware development for Microelectronics application, The Internal and External peripherals, control and safety application design and application testing. Parameters measurement of Voltage, Current, Temperature, Discharging and Charging characteristics and many more.

Display Electronics for Batteries:

Battery Specific Local and Remote Display modules with parameters customization and operation time display control. Safety of display from noise risks and environmental hazards.

Battery Communication Architecture:

Introduction and implementation to standard communication protocol Wired and Wireless e.g. ISO UART, ISO SPI, ISO CAN, BLE, WiFi, ZigBee

Battery Communication Architecture:

Introduction and implementation to standard communication protocol Wired and Wireless e.g. ISO UART, ISO SPI, ISO CAN, BLE, WiFi, ZigBee


The relevance of microelectronics in Battery Technology. The Battery electronics and BMS architecture. Selection and implementation of a BMS for your Li Ion Battery pack. The BMS Balancing methods, Communication and Battery Diagnostics with BMS , BMS Connections, Balancing Methods.

BMS Algorithm and Modelling:

BMS Algorithm design for Mobility, energy systems and storage system Battery applications with active and passive Cell balancing methods. The Kalman Filter and Cell characterization Modelling using Modelling Software.

BMS Hardware and Firmware:

BMS Electronics Hardware design for application and design of firmware for BMS applications in battery with balancing, communication, diagnostics and analytics.

BMS Functional Safety:

ISO 26262 : The functional safety standards of Li Ion Battery pack and BMS Design. Safe failure methods and methods of functional safety implementations in BMS application design.

IoT and Cloud Applications:

Design of a SMART connected BMS. Application of Internet of Things in Battery diagnostics data storage and intelligence. Professional cloud storage system and IoT central application for BMS.

Data Analytics for BMS Design:

Analysis and reporting of Battery Data for safe and secure battery application with respect to life and performance enhancements.


Participants have to complete a real Application Level Design and Modelling Project on BMS / Battery Electronics as a part of final evaluation and a necessary criteria for award of program certification.

Learning Outcomes

  • Li Ion Cell Chemistry Analysis
  • Cell Life, Capacity, SOC, Voltage, IR, Charge and Discharge
  • Cell Charging Profile Characterization
  • Modelling Electrical and Thermal Properties
  • Battery Pack Assembly with BMS
  • Battery Pack Electrical, Thermal and Mechanical Design
  • BMS Connection and Arrangement
  • Battery Electronics Hardware understanding
  • Battery Electronics Components
  • Hardware and Software Design for Battery Displays
  • SMART Battery and Battery Communication Architecture.
  • IoT Architecture for Li Ion Battery Pack Electronics
  • BMS Algorithm and Modelling
  • BMS Hardware and Firmware Design
  • Data Analytics for Battery Data Analysis
  • Project on BMS Design.

Li Ion BMS Development Kit Hands ON

Li Ion Battery Electronics and BMS Design Hands ON Sessions:

  • Cell Parameter Measurements and Cell Sorting – Voltage, Internal Resistance and Capacity
  • CELL Modelling – Electrical and Electrochemical Modelling
  • Cell Capacity Estimations – DP Model
  • Battery Pack Designs and Simulations for various types of applications
  • Firmware Modelling of Cell
  • Battery Pack Thermal Design Modelling
  • Battery Pack Electrical Design Modelling
  • SOC, SOH and Temperature Measurements 
  • Series and Parallel Connections and Li Ion Battery Packaging
  • Preparing a complete Battery Pack from Scratch with BMS and BTMS in Hardware
  • BMS Modelling
  • Hardware Design for Battery Display Electronics
  • Firmware Design for Battery Display Electronics
  • Communication protocols implementation in Battery
  • BMS Hardware Design for Battery Application
  • Cloud Application Data storage of Battery Data
  • Data Analytics for Battery analysis data

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Entrepreneurs support

Our Support Strategy:

  • Industry Qualified Mentors and continually updated Curriculum.
  • Freedom of Learning from Anywhere , Anytime with guided Support
  • Access to exclusive Wiki on Li Ion, LIVE Chat Support from Faculty and Design House Interactions.
  • Personalized Expert suggestions, Feedback and solutions understanding your industry scenario and requirements.
  • PRAGYATMIKA Community Support and VIP Network Access for Latest Trends in Industry, Technology Webinars, Peer Support, Industry Insights and knowledge Sharing.
  • Expert Mentoring and Support on Short term and Long Term Career/ Entrepreneurial Goals.
  • International Certifications for access to Overseas career opportunities.
  • Handy Tips and Risk Analysis before starting your own venture.

Unique Benefits of Enrollment

  • Live Training through the Faculties already working in Renewable Energy and EV Domain.
  • Free Access to Video Contents, Design Documents, Technical Manuals, Notes , etc. During and Post completion of Training
  • LIVE Technology support through a dedicated Technology Support Help Desk post training Till One Year.
  • Free Access to PRAGYATMIKA VIP Network for Lifetime for Networking with Same domain Professionals.
  • Vendor Identification Support to build your Supply Chain Network.
  • Hands On Training Approach with Learn from your Own Place Facility.
  • Li Ion Battery Plant Production Flow and Project Report Preparation Facility.
  • Global Certification earning Opportunity recognized world wide professional organizations.
  • Career and Mentoring Support.

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