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*Intermediate * 4 Weeks * Online LIVE * Hands ON * Post Training Support

Learn the most popular Programming Language to showcase your Skills , Improve Your Employability and Manage your Code Repositories.

Course Overview:

Python is most used today for Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Computer Vision, Data Extraction, Web Development, Internet of Things , Security Applications today. Learn Python with this interactive course, and get a handle on the most popular programming language in the world. To showcase your technical skills , the web based resume APP is the best comprehensive thing for HRs today. For Managing your Projects Source Code versions, Github is the best tool used today by professionals. Learn All these things at one place in an interactive way with LIVE Hands ON.

Course Topics :

Week 1:

  • Introduction: What is Python? Different IDEs to run Python, etc.
  • Input/Output & Data types & Type Casting: Different data types in python.
  • Control Structures: how to use If-Else, Nested If-Elses, If-Elif ladder, Match-Case statements
  • Loops in Python: What is Looping? For, While, Nested Loops

Week 2:

  • In-built Data Structures: List, Tuple, Dictionary, Set
  • Exception Handling: What are Exceptions? Why? How to Handle them?
  • IOs & Data types & Type Casting: Different data types in python.

Week 3 :

  • Functions: What are Functions? User-defined functions.
  • Object Oriented Programming: What is OOP? Different Paradigms of programming
  • File Handling: Reading/Writing local files using Python
  • Web Scraping:  Introduction, Scraping websites for News Headlines
  • Review/QnA

Week 4:

  • Version Control – GitHub
  • Introduction to Streamlit & Render
  • Creating a Portfolio u sing Streamlit (Python Only)
  • Portfolio (using HTML5up template)
  • Hosting Portfolio on GitHub Pages

Program Highlights:

  • Live Instructor Led Training with unlimited access of Recorded Videos library for revision.
  • 100% Practical Oriented Course.
  • Coding Support Available for individuals.
  • Trainers and Training from Real Industry Environment
  • Frequent Industry Interaction, Access to Design House and Software companies Conferences and Technical events.
  • Selected participants get opportunity to work on Live Industry Projects as Intern after the program.
  • PRAGYATMIKA Club Membership for 6 Months for Support, Guidance, Handholding and Mentorship.
  • Exercises , Evaluations , Mini projects , Projects all during the program.

Schedule of Session:

  • The Program is delivered Online LIVE for 4 WEEKS Duration.
  • The Sessions are Scheduled are scheduled Five Days in a Week (MON,TUE,WED,THU,FRI).
  • The Average duration of Session is 90 –120 Minutes.

Unique Benefits of Enrollment:

  • Live Training through the Faculties already working in the AI & Data Science Domain.
  • Free Access to Video Contents, Design Documents, Technical Manuals, Notes , etc. During and Post completion of Training
  • LIVE Technology support through a dedicated Technology Support Help Desk post training Till 6 months.
  • Free Access to PRAGYATMIKA VIP Network for Lifetime for Networking with Same domain Professionals.
  • Vendor Identification Support to build your Supply Chain Network.
  • Hands On Training Approach with Learn from your Own Place Facility.
  • Global Certification earning Opportunity recognized world wide professional organizations.
  • Career and Mentoring Support.

Delivery Mechanism:

  • Online LIVE Sessions.
  • Remote IDE access for LIVE Hands ON.
  • Recorded Videos of Session after each session.
  • E-Notes.
  • Continuous Evaluation and Grading.
  • Mini Project.
  • Dual Certification (Training and Project).

Session Structure and Outcome:

  • 100+ Hours of Total Learning
  • 20 Hours of Project Implementation.
  • Post Training Query Resolution and Support.
  • Post Training Industry Interaction Facility.
  • Industry Internship Opportunity.

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Our Support Strategy:

  • Industry Qualified Mentors and continually updated Curriculum.
  • Freedom of Learning from Anywhere , Anytime with guided Support
  • Access to exclusive Wiki on IoT, LIVE Chat Support from Faculty and Design House Interactions.
  • Personalized Expert suggestions, Feedback and solutions understanding your industry scenario and requirements.
  • PRAGYATMIKA Community Support and VIP Network Access for Latest Trends in Industry, Technology Webinars, Peer Support, Industry Insights and knowledge Sharing.
  • Expert Mentoring and Support on Short term and Long Term Career/ Entrepreneurial Goals.
  • International Certifications for access to Overseas career opportunities.
  • Handy Tips and Risk Analysis before starting your own venture.

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PRAGYATMIKA holds the right to make the modification/change/cancel the program contents, program trainers, event dates or events anytime without prior notification or information.