IT Industrial Training

The IT (Information Technology) industry in India has experienced significant growth over the years, becoming one of the key drivers of the country’s economy.

The professionals who possess the skills to work on both the front-end and back-end aspects of web applications, making them versatile and valuable assets to companies in various sectors.

IT industry is dynamic and subject to changes and developments over time. It is imperative to stay updated on latest of technologies of development and deployment.

The Growth Opportunities:

  1. Rise of Web Applications: With the increasing dependence on digital platforms, web applications have become a crucial part of businesses, from e-commerce to finance, education, healthcare, and more. This has led to a rising demand for Full Stack developers who can build and maintain these applications.
  2. Startup Ecosystem: India has a vibrant startup ecosystem, with numerous tech startups emerging across various industries. These startups often require Full Stack developers to create and manage their online platforms and services.
  3. Technology Evolution: Full Stack development has evolved with the introduction of new tools, frameworks, and libraries. Developers are required to stay updated with the latest trends and technologies to create modern and efficient web applications.
  4. Remote Work Culture: The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the adoption of remote work and virtual collaboration. Full Stack developers with the ability to work on both front-end and back-end aspects can contribute effectively to remote development teams.

Technologies to keep you ahead:

  1. Front-End Technologies: Professionals need a solid understanding of front-end technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. They should also be familiar with front-end frameworks like React, Angular, or Vue.js for building responsive and interactive user interfaces.
  2. Back-End Development: Proficiency in back-end technologies is essential, including server-side languages like Node.js, Python, Ruby, Java, or PHP. Full Stack developers should be capable of building APIs, working with databases, and handling server-side logic.
  3. Databases: Knowledge of databases is crucial for storing and managing application data. Full Stack developers should be comfortable working with both SQL (e.g., MySQL, PostgreSQL) and NoSQL (e.g., MongoDB) databases.
  4. Version Control: Familiarity with version control systems like Git is important for collaboration and code management.
  5. Deployment and Hosting: Understanding how to deploy and host web applications on platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) ,Microsoft Azure, or Heroku is valuable for Full Stack developers.
  6. Soft Skills: Effective communication, problem-solving skills, and the ability to work in cross-functional teams are important for Full Stack developers to deliver successful projects.
  7. Continuous Learning: The technology landscape is ever-changing, so Full Stack developers should be committed to continuous learning and skill enhancement to stay relevant.

Why Our Curriculum?

Specialized Industry Ready Curriculum:

With a team of decades of Industry experience and Global services Delivery practices we always keep updated with the latest of domain requirements and bring you also on the same platform through our continued delivery mechanism.

Unique Learning Experience:

With our specially crafted curriculum and Continued Support Mechanism We make your experience of learning completely unique. The program gives you a blend of Learning at your own Place , Learn at your own pace, LIVE Faculty Interactions, Remote & LIVE Hands ON facilities, Real world Hardware access and Expert Mentoring Support.

International Collaborations and Recognitions:

With our International collaborations for Industrial Training , Applied Project Developments , Mentoring , We prepare you with global standards and giving access to our global community of growth.

Key Highlights

  • Instructor Led LIVE Sessions
  • Hands On Experience on Development Platform
  • Systems Design and Development Hands ON. 
  • Mentoring Support Post Training
  • PRAGYATMIKA VIP Network Access for Industry Mentorship
  • MASTERCLASS Session Access on Latest of Technologies
  • LMS Access for Video Library, E-Notes, Research Papers, Code Snippet access
  • LIVE Chat Support for any queries
  • Bonus Sessions on Soft and Communication Skills. 
  • Open License Software access post training for Hands ON
  • Global Contents and Delivery Mechanism
  • Convenient Batch Timings and extended support hours 
  • Build your own supply line.
  • Continuous Assessment and Global certification.
  • Rewards for Learning Performance

Course Structure

·Systems and Applications:

  • Basics of Requirement of System Design , Analysis and Planning of System, Steps of System Design , How to Test and Validate
  • Requirements of Technologies of New Age Systems
  • Formulation of a Project Design  and analysing Requirements
  • Integrating Hardware ,Software and Cloud Communication with Systems
  • The System Development Life Cycle and Agile Method of Design
  • The Project Management Tools and Techniques of Design

The Programming Languages :

  • Python and R Programming Language
  • Data Types, Statements, Conditions and Loops
  • Functions and Data Structure
  • Libraries, OOPs and Exception Handling
  • Debugging Any Programming Module
  • Thread and Socket Programming using Languages
  • Scripting Concepts

·The Web Scraping and Web Development :

  • Introduction to Web and Http Requests
  • MIME types and Headers
  • Scraping data using request and urllib module of python
  • Advance Scrapping using BeautifulSoup Library of python
  • Data Scrapping using APIs and making own APIs
  • Creation of Rest APIs using json
  • Concept of Web Design , CSS, Flask Web Frame
  • Design of Static and Dynamic Websites
  • Design of Request and Response Based Websites.
  • Design of Forms, Reports and Data Sources with GET and POST Method.
  • Working with Web design Tools – WORDPRESS Framework
  • Creating WordPress Account and Installing on Website
  • Design of Pages and Post in WordPress
  • Design of Fullscale Website in WordPress
  • Protocols HTTP,HTTPS,SMTP, FTP, etc.

The Data Storage and Server Application

  • MySQL Database Design and Implementation in Web Atmosphere
  • SQL Query, Structures, Data Fetch and Released Commands
  • The Computer Databased and Mobile Device Database Design
  • Webserver : Localhost Vs Private Web Vs Cloud Server

Domain Name and Website Hosting Services :

  • ·DNS Application and Domain Name for Websites
  • ·How to Select and Register a Domain Name for the Website
  • ·Meaning of Different Domain Extensions and their relevance
  • ·Selecting a Server for Website hosting
  • ·Webserver Directory Structure
  • ·How to configure the domain and server control panel
  • ·Selecting EMAIL Server and configuring for website
  • ·Configure and Run your website from Webserver.

Webhosting in Cloud Environment:

  • The Cloud Computing Basic and Working with Cloud Providers
  • The Cloud Infrastructure Services
  • Webserver  Specification in Cloud Based Application Development
  • Cloud Server Billing Methodology for Hosting and Data Application
  • Hosting Your Website and Interacting with It on Cloud Server 

  • Corporate Communication Skills
  • English Language Communication Skills for Engineers
  • Effective Listening Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • How to Face an Interview effectively
  • Team Building Skills Importance of Team building in Projects
  • How to present your Data and Project effectively before a board
  • Time Management Skills
  • Leadership Development Skills
  • Industry Specific Communication Skills
  • How to communicate with your colleague at office
  • How to communication with your Clients in business
  • Effective Email writing etiquettes


Participants have to complete a real Application Level Design and Modelling Project as a part of final evaluation and a necessary criteria for award of program certification.


Introduction to PHP

  • Language Basics – Variables, Operators,  Data Types, Type Casting, Type Juggling, Keywords, Variables and Constants.
  • Control Statements – Loops, Conditions, Expressions, Flow Control
  • PHP Functions and Strings
  • PHP Arrays – Single and Multi Dimensional
  • The Object oriented Concept in PHP – Defining and Using a Class, The Access Specifiers, Encapsulation and Abstraction
  • GET Vs POST Method in PHP
  • PHP Forms – GET /POST REQUEST using HTML Controls in  PHP Forms


  • Introduction to MVC structure , Discussion of Code Igniter PHP
  • Framework ,OOPs programming in Code Igniter ,Controllers
  • Reserved Names, Views, Models ,Helpers ,Using Code Igniter Libraries, Creating Your Own Libraries, Multiple Exceptions
  • Custom Exception ,  Assertions in Java and their  usage

Web Security:

  • Common security vulnerabilities (SQL injection, cross-site scripting)
  • Data validation and sanitization for security
  • Introduction to secure coding practices
  • Common security vulnerabilities (SQL injection, cross-site scripting)
  • Data validation and sanitization for security
  • Introduction to secure coding practices

Sessions and Cookies:

  • Managing user sessions
  • Using cookies to store user data

Best Practices and Performance Optimization:

  • Writing efficient and scalable PHP code
  • Code organization and modularization
  • Caching and optimization techniques


Introduction  to  INTERNET Marketing

  • Basics of Internet Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Online Ads
  • Advertising and Tracking Behavior
  • Basics of Internet Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Online Ads
  • Advertising and Tracking Behavior

Platforms and Their Specifications

  • Social  Channels  and Advertising Platforms
  • Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads , Taboola Ads platforms  and their selections
  • Accessing the Platforms and Account Setup


  • Analyzing the purpose of Campaign, Planning and Designing Campaign
  • Location , Budget, Clickthrough  Rate, Scheduling, Budgeting
  • Demography and Geography of Advertising
  • Targeting of Display Network and Tracking of Results
  • CPM and CTR of Advertisements
  • Manuals Vs Automated Placements of Ads
  • Single Vs Multiple Advertisements
  • Tracking Advertisement Performance

Website Optimization

  • Using Website Optimizer Tool
  • A/B Testing
  • Multi Variant Testing
  • Google Search Engine Analytics Keyword Planning and Inserting in Websites
  • Using Website Optimizer Tool
  • A/B Testing
  • Multi Variant Testing
  • Google Search Engine Analytics Keyword Planning and Inserting in Websites

Career Opportunities:

  • PRAGYATMIKA certificate is a highly recognized certificate in Industry Domain. 
  • Widely accepted in any Microelectronics Industry.
  • Our programs are approved and validated by the industry with a unique verification code
  • Networking and Idea sharing platform through PRAGYATMIKA VIP Network.
  • Opportunity to interact with industry experts and speakers through communication Network
  • Global Certification and Skill Assessment Platform
  • Global Placements in N Consulting companies.
  • LIVE Industrial Project opportunities as Internship.

Need More Information

Entrepreneurs support

Our Support Strategy:

  • Industry Qualified Mentors and continually updated Curriculum.
  • Freedom of Learning from Anywhere , Anytime with guided Support
  • Access to exclusive Wiki , LIVE Chat Support from Faculty and Design House Interactions.
  • Personalized Expert suggestions, Feedback and solutions understanding your industry scenario and requirements.
  • PRAGYATMIKA Community Support and VIP Network Access for Latest Trends in Industry, Technology Webinars, Peer Support, Industry Insights and knowledge Sharing.
  • Expert Mentoring and Support on Short term and Long Term Career/ Entrepreneurial Goals.
  • International Certifications for access to Overseas career opportunities.
  • Handy Tips and Risk Analysis before starting your own venture.

Unique Benefits of Enrollment

  • Live Training through the Faculties already working in the respective software Domain.
  • Free Access to Video Contents, Design Documents, Technical Manuals, Notes , etc. During and Post completion of Training
  • LIVE Technology support through a dedicated Technology Support Help Desk post training and during project.
  • Free Access to PRAGYATMIKA VIP Network for Lifetime for Networking with Same domain Professionals.
  • Vendor Identification Support to build your Supply Chain Network.
  • Hands On Training Approach with Learn from your Own Place Facility.
  • Industry 4.0 enabled production Flow and Project Report Preparation Facility.
  • Global Certification earning Opportunity recognized world wide professional organizations.
  • Career and Mentoring Support.


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PRAGYATMIKA holds the right to make the modification/change/cancel the program contents, program trainers, event dates or events anytime without prior notification or information.