At PRAGYATMIKA, we endeavor hard so that to provide the required acceleration to your business with dynamic measures and the exceptional and improved strategies of technology and product.

We find the most opportune technology for your company. And also, we keep our eyes on the alterations in the technology world online and thus, accordingly work on the same to produce desired outcomes.

We work on your technology demands by acting on the basics. Starting right from the basic needs, we slowly maneuver to the advancements so as to produce desired outcomes.

1. At PRAGYATMIKA, we impact bright minds! We strengthen the skills, nurture your talent and make you best to create the ever-new intelligent DIGITAL WORLD with our decades of industry experience.
2. With the support from Academia and collaborative knowledge base from Industry we strive to make benefited with exchange of knowledge.
3. Build a global network of experts and experts-to-be with a culture of open communication, collaboration and respect for diversity.
4. Strive together in driving progress toward a safer, healthier, greener and smarter world

1. To provide R&D Support and project development to Industries in various domains related to Electronics, Embedded Systems, EV, IOT and AI.
2. To provide consultancy to industries for Electronics Systems Design and Manufacturing.
3. To nurture Students, Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Enthusiasts be industry ready in domain of Industrial Electronics, Automation, Automobiles, IIOT and
4. Industrial Training Programmes: Embedded Systems, Industrial IOT and Security, Electric Vehicles, Electronics Systems Design and Manufacturing, AI
and Cloud.
5. To provide Placement and Internship opportunities to qualifying students and professionals.
6. To provide Startup mentoring, Entrepreneurial Support to budding entrepreneurs