The last few years have seen the Internet of Things vision grow from a theoretical concept to a major priority for many organizations. As companies integrate IoT devices into their network infrastructures, they’re looking for new ways to use and manage the data they collect.

Since the beginnings of this industry, the Internet of Things market has been on an exciting journey. The sector reached $100 billion in market revenue in 2017, and if it follows forecasts, that figure should grow to around $1.6 trillion by 2025. In 2021,  there were more than 10 billion active IoT devices.

IoT Statistics – Key Findings

  • In 2021, there were more than 10 billion active IoT devices.
  • It’s estimated that the number of active IoT devices will surpass 25.4 billion in 2030.
  • IoT solutions have the potential to generate $4-11 trillion in economic value by 2025.
  • It’s estimated that global IoT spending will total $15 trillion in the six-year period between 2019 and 2025.
  • The consumer IoT market is estimated to reach $142 billion by 2026 at a CAGR of 17%.
  • 94% of retailers agree that the benefits of implementing IoT outweigh the risk.

Why Our Curriculum?

Specialized Industry Ready Curriculum:

With a team of decades of Industry experience and Global services Delivery practices we always keep updated with the latest of domain requirements and bring you also on the same platform through our continued delivery mechanism.

Unique Learning Experience:

With our specially crafted curriculum and Continued Support Mechanism We make your experience of learning completely unique. The program gives you a blend of Learning at your own Place , Learn at your own pace, LIVE Faculty Interactions, Remote & LIVE Hands ON facilities, Real world Hardware access and Expert Mentoring Support.

International Collaborations and Recognitions:

With our International collaborations for Industrial Training , Applied Project Developments , Mentoring , We prepare you with global standards and giving access to our global community of growth.

Key Highlights

  • Instructor Led LIVE Sessions
  • Hands On Experience on Hardware and Software
  • IIoT Systems Design Hands ON. 
  • Mentoring Support Post Training
  • PRAGYATMIKA VIP Network Access for Industry Mentorship
  • IoT Security Masterclass, Design House Interaction Sessions
  • LMS Access for Video Library, E-Notes, Research Papers, Code Snippet access
  • LIVE Chat Support
  • Bonus Sessions on E-AI and Data Analytics. 
  • DIY Kits Available for POST Training Practices at your location
  • Global Contents and Delivery Mechanism
  • Convenient Batch Timings suitable to Professionals and Office Goers. 
  • Vendor Network Access to build your supply line.
  • Continuous Assessment and Global certification.
  • Rewards for Learning Performance

The Program is crafted for:

  • The Program is Designed for Entrepreneurs and Engineers looking to step in the IIoT Domain.
  • Professional / Entrepreneurs looking for In-depth Microelectronics Systems Design Knowledge.
  • The Professionals working in Embedded Systems and Microelectronics Domain.
  • Existing Professionals looking for upgrade in their knowledge.
  • Research Professional looking to start a career in Li Ion Battery domain.
  • B.E. / B.Tech. /Diploma Students Looking for career in IoT and IoT Security.
Students Speak:

Course Structure

Introduction Industrial Internet of Things and Industry 4.0

  • Embedded Systems, IoT and IIoT.
  • Architecture and Differences and from IoT Systems.
  • Applications, design principles, standards, System Plan.
  • Interoperability, Identification, localization.
  • Communication, Software Defined Assets.
  • Understanding IT & OT Convergence: Evolution of IIoT.
  • Market Statistics, Roadmap for IIoT, Adopters.
  • Development, Deployment and Monetization of IIoT.
  • Microcontrollers: Backbone of IIoT Sytems
  • Microchip PIC Family,SAM Microprocessors,  AVR Family and Espressif Family
  • Evolution of Industry 4.0
  • What is next after this ?

Microcontrollers for IIoT Implementation

  • MPLABX IDE, ATMEL Studio and Arduino IDE for Application Development.
  • Internal Peripherals: PORTs, Timers, Interrupts, ADC, PWM.
  • Device Protocols: Serial and Parallel Communications
  • External Peripherals: LEDs, Switches, Relays, Sensors, Displays, Motors

IIoT Protocols

  • Wifi, BLE, Zigbee, MiWi.
  • LPWAN Architecture
  • HAN and WAN Architecture
  • SMART Factory  Networking Protocols
  • MQTT Protocol, HTTP Protocol, REST API

Cloud Communication Architecture and Wireless Sensor Network

  • Concept of EDGE Computing.
  • Data Aggregation from Sensor Nodes
  • Gateway Architecture for Cloud communication and Legacy Devices
  • Microsoft AZURE / AWS IoT
  • Zero Touch Provisioning
  • Data Storage in Cloud and Analytics using Microsoft
  • Power BI.


  • Need and Use Cases of IIoT in Big Infrastructure Management
  • The Predictive and Preventive Maintenance
  • The  Condition Based Monitoring (CBM) Techniques
  • Semiconductor Solution for Preventive Maintenance

Security in IIoT:

  • Need of Security in IIoT Systems.
  • Common Attacks and Best Practices, Standards.
  • Open Source Initiatives, Surface Identification, Security Planning
  • Cryptography Solutions for Embedded Systems Security.
  • Application Layer Security
  • Cloud to EDGE Device Security Implementation

Corporate Communication Skills

  • Effective Presentation Skills.
  • Corporate Communications among Colleague, Management, and client
  • Project Communication Skills
  • Explore Entrepreneurship Skills


Participants have to complete a real Application Level Design and Modelling Project as a part of final evaluation and a necessary criteria for award of program certification.

Career Opportunities:

  • PRAGYATMIKA certificate is a highly recognized certificate in Industry Domain. 
  • Widely accepted in any Microelectronics Industry.
  • Our programs are approved and validated by the industry with a unique verification code
  • Networking and Idea sharing platform through PRAGYATMIKA VIP Network.
  • Opportunity to interact with industry experts and speakers through communication Network
  • Global Certification and Skill Assessment Platform
  • Global Placements in IIoT , IoT Security Consulting companies.
  • LIVE Industrial Project opportunities as Internship.

Need More Information


NOCN(UK) an International Qualifications regulatory has been creating opportunities through learning and skills development for over 30 years.

TOOOPLE’s endorsed NOCN(UK) Applied Project Development frameworks lead to international certifications that bring standardization to project mentoring and development in higher educational institutions, professional training organizations and Industry.

The frameworks and methods inspires :

  • Analytical thinking.
  • Collaborative Problem Solving
  • Develop Critically Considered Approaches to resolving challenges

which improves readiness for the current industrial environment. The INTERNATIONAL QUALIFICATION certification affords students and young professionals opportunities for professional readiness, talent development and professional growth or explorations to support seeking a career change at both foundation and advanced level.

NOCN(UK) APD Certifications are mapped to the skills earned during the Program Training and Project being completed as a part of APD Certification. Profiles mapped with curated skills are made available to prospective global employers in Li Ion Battery Domain.

TOOOPLE Endorsed NOCN(UK) APD Certification facilitates you with :

  • INTERNATIONAL Qualifications Certification in Li Ion Domain
  • My Credentials – A specialized platform to curate the skills and share with prospective employers.
  • JOB MATCH based on your Skills
  • Continued Assessment and Projects
  • International Job Opportunities in Li Ion and BMS Domain

To Know More about PRAGYATMIKA Global Dual Certification : Visit Here

Entrepreneurs support

Our Support Strategy:

  • Industry Qualified Mentors and continually updated Curriculum.
  • Freedom of Learning from Anywhere , Anytime with guided Support
  • Access to exclusive Wiki on Li Ion, LIVE Chat Support from Faculty and Design House Interactions.
  • Personalized Expert suggestions, Feedback and solutions understanding your industry scenario and requirements.
  • PRAGYATMIKA Community Support and VIP Network Access for Latest Trends in Industry, Technology Webinars, Peer Support, Industry Insights and knowledge Sharing.
  • Expert Mentoring and Support on Short term and Long Term Career/ Entrepreneurial Goals.
  • International Certifications for access to Overseas career opportunities.
  • Handy Tips and Risk Analysis before starting your own venture.

Unique Benefits of Enrollment

  • Live Training through the Faculties already working in Embedded Industry, IIoT Domain and IoT Security Domain.
  • Free Access to Video Contents, Design Documents, Technical Manuals, Notes , etc. During and Post completion of Training
  • LIVE Technology support through a dedicated Technology Support Help Desk post training Till One Year.
  • Free Access to PRAGYATMIKA VIP Network for Lifetime for Networking with Same domain Professionals.
  • Vendor Identification Support to build your Supply Chain Network.
  • Hands On Training Approach with Learn from your Own Place Facility.
  • Industry 4.0 enabled production Flow and Project Report Preparation Facility.
  • Global Certification earning Opportunity recognized world wide professional organizations.
  • Career and Mentoring Support.

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