BMS for Li Ion

Basic feature of BMS:
#Current & Voltage protection: Protects the battery pack from over-charge and over-discharge thereby extending cycle life
#Thermal management: Over-temperature and under-temperature protection with fan controls for cooling or heating
#Digital and Analog output controls: Provides multiple methods of controlling chargers, motor controllers and other external devices
#Intelligence cell balancing: Efficient passive balancing is used to maximize the usable capacity of battery packs
#Health monitoring: Monitors internal resistance of individual cells and the measured capacity of the battery pack
#State of charge monitoring with drift: Coulomb counting and dynamic drift correction are used to monitor the state of charge
#Compactible with almost all lithium ion batteries: A wide cell voltage range supports almost all lithium ion batteries and even some NiMH batteries
#Field Programmable: Parameters such as voltage ranges, current limits and many other settings are easily field changeable.
#Dual Programmable CAN Interfaces: Fully programmable CAN messages on 2 interfaces allow integration with virtually any #CAN enabled device.
#Advanced Isolation Fault Detection: Actively detects breakdowns in isolation between the battery and chassis.
#Intelligent Current Limit Calculations: Constantly calculates preemptive maximum discharge & charge current limits.
So #BMS increase life cycle of #battery, support fast #charging #technic and safe from battery related incident.

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