Are you a Li-ion battery pack manufacturer?

Are you a Li-ion Battery Pack / Electric Vehicle dealer?

Do you provide warranty on your battery products?

Then you must have faced the battery return and associated problems during the warranty period:

One of those problems is the corrosion of the battery pack / Cell Terminals.

What Exactly Is Battery/Cell Corrosion?

Do lithium battery terminals corrode?

Does corrosion on a battery terminal mean the battery is bad?

Can corrosion stop your battery from charging?

How to design and develop a safe battery pack with minimise the cost and issues ?

Some such questions arise in the mind of you and your customers.

Knowing the cause and solution of which is essential for a battery pack/electric vehicle manufacturer/distributor

Only then a secure and safe battery pack will be available in the market

And customer confidence and electric vehicle market will increase

Although there are many reasons for E-Vehicle accidents, the incident of fire in Li-Ion ion is more publicized because of its fatal nature and it is directly linked to the life of the rider and surrounding people.

which is not appropriate in any use case:

Let us discuss this problem and its solution

What Exactly Is Battery Corrosion?

Corrosion happens on the battery terminals once element gas(emission of Hydrogen and sulphur based gasses) is discharged from the substrate within the lithium chemistry cells and speeds up in case of Thermal Runaway.

 This gaseous emission mixes with alternative things within the air underneath the hood of your vehicle/battery terminal, inflicting the corrosion you’ll see.

Do lithium battery terminals corrode?

Answer is “YES”


Due to :

·        Age of the battery pack

·        Ip rating of battery pack

·        Leakage of gas

·        Poor thermal management system in battery pack

·        Absence of venting mechanism

·        Poor quality of metal oxide on cell terminal

·        Quality of metal oxide film on cell terminal

·        Quality of strips used for welding  purpose and the grading of it.

·        If it has excess presence of ferrous contents it will also speed up the similar situation.

And many more things.

What is the impact of corrosion on Battery Pack Life ?

Due to Corrosion the current flow capacity of current collectors depreciates leading to unbalanced Battery Pack which will reduce the capacity and life of pack.  

All these are design and development issues of any battery pack.

Some problems also arise due to lack of information on the part of the customers which needs to be clearly specified in the vehicle warranty terms and conditions.

These precautions should be clearly understood by the electric vehicle / battery pack distributor to the customer

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