New edge technology IoT and AI knock one by one every electronic product and make it smarter and things easier.

IoT  use in electric vehicle :

Fleet management: IoT-The internet of things created a tremendous impact on fleet management with machine-to-machine (#M2M) solutions to make the smart city come alive. With IoT for fleet management we can not only keep in track of vehicles but also monitor high-value assets in remote locations.

#Battery management system: IoT based #BMS help to check battery health via smart phone.

Vehicle health monitoring system: using IoT we can check excessive heating of the engine or the blockage in fuel pipe via internet. A temperature sensor is employed in the engine that warns the owner about overheating of engine and a flow sensor is used that senses the proper flow of fuel in the pipe.

#AI used in automotive:

#Emebedded AI for automated vehicle : is demonstrated with the high-performance, low power consumption IPs for stereo vision and dense optical flow supporting Level3+ automated driving.

Surrounded view solution : how parking can be made more comfortable and safer in the future

#Connected #Car Simulator : a predicted driving assistant, monitoring the driver and its driving behaviour locally, whilst connecting to the Cloud for further driving assistant information and fleet management services.

Smart  lighting solution

Smart charging station: vehicle can check near by charging station, wait time and charging facility currently available or not

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