In the era of smart city, connected vehicle, smart lighting, smart utilities and smart grid

Today there are many forms of iot. 🤓

Which we can see in use from school college level to industrial level.

The use of artificial intelligence and iot to make things easy and convenient is in common practice today.

Today the energy sector is also not untouched by artificial intelligence and iot.

Its use area is also sure to increase in the coming years.

Today, the relation of iot is not limited to energy, conventional energy production and distribution,

but it also has a very important place in renewable #EnergyGeneration and #Distribution.

What is Energy internet of things:

When we use iot in the distribution system of energy, it is called eIoT.

Application area:

  • SGIoT (commercial, industrial and residential)
  • EVIoT (smart EV charging station and smart electric vehicle)
  • The production and distribution of solar energy has increased the importance of eiot.
  • Today solar energy is being used on a large scale in the form of commercial, industrial and domestic / residential energy.
  • In which the electric vehicle sector is also not untouched.
  • When we talk about smart city concept, then there is also talk of #Connected electric vehicle and connected electric vehicle charging station.
  • For proper flow of transactional energy, it is necessary to secure the iot related data.
  • All the information that is passed is stored on the cloud, so it is also necessary for the data to be secure.

Also it is necessary to know what are the design security in mqtt in industrial iot for those who want to make their career in solar charging station and electric vehicle manufacturing sector.

How anarchism can spread chaos by disrupting the exchange of information related to the production of solar energy

What if electric vehicle hacked and electronics system misguide vehicle and driver

As IoT used in smart vehicle #BMS to infotainment system.

Central lock to ABS system

LED light to motor controller system

We want #ADAS System in all segments of vehicles ( hybrids to EV, 4 wheeler to 2 wheeler)

Means when we talk about smart City concept then we talk about AI and IoT.

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